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Record securely in your browser or phone.
Upload audio/video for high-quality transcripts.
High accuracy in many languages & accents.
Stream real-time text as speech is transcribed.
Capture desktop screen and get the transcript.
Easily transcribe videos directly from YouTube.

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A daring evolution of the recorder in 20 years.
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Design Principles
  • shouldn't need to look at the device
  • start recording instantly
  • should capture the conversation with total reliability
  • should use the least amount of battery possible
  • should handle incoming phone calls
  • should handle switching apps, say to Camera or Messages
  • should work right or left-handed

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  • Record calls from your computer's microphone.
  • Synced playback of your media with the transcript.
  • Share interviews and transcripts with anyone else.

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How Does It Work

When you need to get from Recordings → Transcripts → Doc

See transcript & synced player in action: Neil deGrasse Tyson interviewed on NPR

Different Speakers Identified
Playback Audio / Video with the Transcript
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Reporting group in Germany

No Deepfakes Here

Guaranteed original recordings

The Alice app is designed to be impossible to intercept audio and manipulate it. Interviews captured using the app are directly uploaded and emailed to you. The recorder on the Alice website works similarily. This protects both the interviewee and the interviewer.

If you want to be sure you have an original audio recording, Alice is the only recorder in the world which can guarantee it.

Audio deepfakes, recently called audio manipulations, are becoming widely accessible using simple mobile devices or personal PCs. Unfortunately, these tools have also been used to spread misinformation around the world using audio, and their malicious use has led to fears of the audio deepfake.

Wikipedia, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Audio_deepfake

Mirsky said he sees audio deepfakes as the "much bigger threat" compared to video deepfakes. Video, he noted, only works in limited contexts, but fabricated audio can be used to call anybody, he noted.

Kyle Alspach, https://www.protocol.com/enterprise/deepfake-voice-cyberattack-ai-audio

Because so many voice recordings are of low-quality phone calls (or recorded in noisy locations), audio deepfakes can be made even more indistinguishable. The worse the sound quality, the harder it is to pick up those telltale signs that a voice isn’t real.