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$2.99/hr when you buy 100 hours.

That's only $0.05/min, or 5 one hour interviews transcribed for just $14.95, generating about 240,000 words over 500 pages.

Popular with freelancers. The lowest price you could possibly pay anywhere for high-quality automatic transcription, without violating your privacy.

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$4.99/hr when you buy 20 hours.

That's only $0.08/min, or 5 one hour interviews transcribed for just $24.95, generating about 48,000 words over 100 pages.

Enough hours for 2-3 stories with multiple interviews, getting high-quality transcripts at a super-low price, while keeping your content and identity secure.

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$9.99/hr when you buy 2 hours.

That's only $0.17/min, or 5 one hour interviews transcribed for just $49.95, generating about 4,800 words over 10 pages.

Still a super-low price. Best if you need some catch-up transcription or want to extend the free trial minutes by some more to wrap up.

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"At this price, I won't even bother expensing it."

Feelance Writer & Photographer, The Wall Street Journal

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We don't store your credit card information, your name nor any billing details on our systems. All payments are processed by Stripe, the world-leader in secure payments.


The app will never cut you off during a recording due to insufficient transcription time. Our top priority is to ensure interviews occur securely and no recording is ever lost.

Expense Friendly

It's easy to purchase and expense Alice for yourself or someone in your team. You will get a receipt with all the necessary details.

No Subscriptions

We understand journalists work in bursts, recording several interviews and then going heads-down to review, write and edit. Unlike the more commonplace subscription models of today, Alice provides a straight-forward pay-as-you-go pricing model.

Compare this with other products with expensive monthly subscriptions, and several add-ons for which you have to pay more. Alternatively, with services which are completely free, but your information is what's actually sold.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do transcription minutes expire?
Can I transfer my account?
Yes. Email me
Can I pay for someone else? Can I buy Alice for my team?
Yes. Email me
Can I gift Alice to my niece/nephew/grandchild who just graduated from journalism school?
Yes. Email me
Can I expense this?
Probably, but best check with your boss. You'll get a receipt of each purchase.

More questions answered on the FAQs page.