Alice started with a slick new recorder designed from first principles. We then added high accuracy AI models for speech-to-text + data processing. All very fast, simple and above all - an exceptional commitment to customer privacy.

We thoughtfully designed Alice to fit into your workflow. Many many conversations with our customers helped shaped the product and the transparent business model. Alice is structured as a simple business: we aim to provide something of value, and if people like it enough, they buy it, tell a few friends, and we get to continue tomorrow. You can begin using Alice with a full-featured free trial. You aren't tied into a subscription model. No commitment. Nothing to cancel. No kidding.

Read more about Alice and privacy on the FAQs page.


We’re building the most trusted, efficient, and beloved speech AI company.



1. Customer empathy is central to who we are

A customer’s pain is our pain. Your problem is our problem. We are here to invent on your behalf. It’s how Alice started, and continues to be how we operate.

2. Privacy is a human right

We approach every action with the customer’s privacy and confidentiality in mind. Nothing is above this — not revenue, not profits, not our convenience.

3. Speed over everything else

We approach things with an element of urgency. You, our customer, should be able to move on quickly from whatever you are attempting to achieve and get back to what else is important in your life. Responding to customers, product development, the design of workflows - everything should factor in speed & performance. Quick decisions. Lightning fast websites and apps.

4. Care about accessibility

We acknowledge there are all kinds of humans, and different things are important to different people. We care about the differently-abled. It’s not an afterthought, and we don’t work on it to pass an arbitrary certification.

5. Think long-term

We enjoy long-term relationships with our customers, team members, and partners. We love the independence which comes from building an honest, profitable business. We’re not chasing a fast exit. We’re building for years to come. No shortcuts, no tricks.

6. When others zig, we zag

If we just did what everyone else was doing, we will be in the race to the bottom, the lowest common denominator. If we do what appears logical and safe, we will become average: the only thing we fear. We think differently, we think way ahead, we take risks, to invent a future most can barely imagine.

7. There is more than one good idea

We maintain a lack of ego when we bring something to the table. Anyone, despite their role, location or any other attribute, is capable of thinking creatively and sharing. All input helps fine-tune what we actually end up doing.

8. Technology exists to serve us

We use technology, we apply it, in service of real problems. We don’t fawn over the latest fad, we don’t sacrifice function in favor of using a shiny new thing. We take pride in being pragmatic, in occasionally choosing the battle-tested, boring tech because we know it’ll run better, with predictable maintenance.

9. In team we trust

We remember we spend a big part of our life with who we work with. We respect that working together is a choice, not an obligation. We trust one another. We assume positive intent. When one of us is facing a problem, it’s everyone’s problem. We approach every situation with an open mind and an open heart. We listen, understand, and support.